Touchscreen Digital Display Auto DVD CD Player Wireless AM-FM Stereo MultiMedia Phone Hardware

The logo”EinCar” will appear if you power-on our music EinCar brand.Fresh Android 4.2 Operating System:Superior managing speed with Dualcore CPU,you can obtain APP from Android marketplace or mounted in sd-card in advance,and you can keep connected through MSN, Skype, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, QQ, sites etc,manage official problems urgently while parking. EinCar 2-noise Media 6.2 inch Auto DVD CD Player Stereo Radio Audio Player GPS Device Headunit Device with Digital Capactive Touchscreen Display Wireless Camera Included! Aims to create you affordable striking, high-performing Communications Products and media auto Enjoyment. Without any usage of thirdparty merchants, EinCar supplies the lowest cost to all being a supplier. Using a wide selection of payment options, EinCar offers safety for every online client around the globe & ease.

EinCar Company is Exceptional in Car music phone industry that is video and Coming!Special, Knowledgeable, Eincar seeks to bring you economical striking, high performing multimedia auto Leisure and Communications Goods. EinCar Car Stereo with Win CE 8.0 OS 7 inch Car Stereo with Moving Down TFT Capactive Touch screen,GPS Vehicle DVD Userfriendly Control Interface with new design UI, Produce and receive telephone calls without getting the hands down, Assistance Bluetooth Music-Playing, Making Far More Ease When driving! The vehicle EinCar GPS product Assistance Satellite navigation Processor: map pre and ARM 11 -loaded in a 4GB map card that is free.

Seasoned exclusive and Superb Exceptional in Automobile video phone business that is music, Eincar seeks to create you affordable striking, high performing media car Entertainment and Communications Items. Our goal is usually to be Your Expert In Car Automated and Bluetooth Car radio cause you to appreciate every minute on the highway! This auto stereo is sold with 8GB storage and integral Microphone for hands free calls. With 7-inch stunning UI design and large effect exhibit, this multimedia player is the best unit to your vehicle entertainment.